Side jobs and Side life

Halo 3… i need to devote more time to it. I’m only a Lieutenant, Grade 1. I’m really loving the Stat tracking, every kill, every death, all online for the world to see. I’m actually a little frustrated that something like 5 new video games have come out this month that i really really want to sit down and play. So little money… So little time.

I did a side job (not 100% done yet) the weekend before last, 41 hours total over like 3 days, argh. Hey at least the money was good… or will be good when they pay my invoice. I’m trying to get out an bike more. i kind of slacked for a few weeks, i really need to stop doing that. Might be planing a trip to Woodward for late November or the first week in December, so that will be nice… as long as my knee doesn’t blow out.

That’s all for now… nothing funny this time… ok, ok

Author: dave

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