San Fran and Cleveland

quick update, sorry i have been slacking. I went to San Jose for a Conference and then to San Francisco to see my David and Molly. I got really sick while i was there, which is very weird for me cause i don’t get sick or sick for me is puking for 24 hours… so the flu is very weird to me.

I had so much fun with David and Molly, I miss them a ton. We had some great food and they showed me around the city. We did some shopping too. San Francisco is a beautiful city and i cant wait to go back and see them as soon as I can.

I have done two big bike things in the past few weeks. I went to the TARAJAM at Rye which was a benefit for a rider who broke her neck last season, tons of big pros came out and it was a great time.

Then last weekend I went to Ray’s MTB Park in Cleveland. That place is just plain amazing. I had such a great time and i think it really helped my riding. I have no pictures from either which sucks but i rode for like 10 hours at ray’s… so the riding is worth more to me then pictures.

Erin and I are officially dating… I’m still super scared about the whole thing but I can’t live my life in fear. I have to try things and try to work through my issues. So far things have been really good and I’m happy…. which i haven’t been a lot in the last few months.

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