christmas salad


I went to see Patton Oswalt on monday night with Tim. We decided to go kind of at the last minute and i really needed to laugh. Patton did all new material, except for Death bed… The bed that kills people. He talked about getting a salad as a christmas present and that the phrase “Christmas Salad” could be used describe a bad sexual position or an awful situation… “honey this marriage isn’t working, it’s just a big Christmas Salad.” He also described how you get dumbed down by jet blue while flying, you watch the dumbest shows like flavor of love and eat crap food. when you get off the plane your like (using his best retard voice) ” i was flying in da air. Da man in da helmet was yelling at pussy”.

After laughing our balls off tim and i hit up Spikes which is always great. It was defiantly a good night and a much needed escape.

Author: dave

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