Girl, let me buy you a drank.

sunday @ Highland mountain bike park I ate it in a weird way and tweaked my knee and pulled a bunch of leg muscles. It’s not that bad and has been getting better but it made me finally man up and make a doctor’s appointment to have my knee’s looked at. So I’ll hopefully find out tuesday what’s wrong with my right knee and why it hurts and locks up all the time.

DRANK, The anti-energy drink sound like a great idea and i’d love to try it.

The Decapitator is doing some great graffiti work in the UK, great anti advertising.

2 more great Flickr sets/pools:

Growing up Star Wars, I need to see if i have any pictures of me in my old star wars get up.

LEGO storm trooper 365, pictures of lego guys walking around and in weird lego situations… awesome. i don’t even care thats its star wars i love legos just as much

Author: dave

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