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Last Thursday I had ACL surgery. The weeks leading up to it were crazy busy as I tried to get stuff ready for my gimpyness and because I was trying to get in as much riding as I could. I will be off a bike for 6 months!! I have to thank all the guys I ride with because they helped me have some amazing last few rides. I also have to curse the weather, it rained over have of June and July!!!

It’s a little over a week after I went under the knife and so far so good. I had a few bad days but in general I have felt good. Right now I’m on my back in bed using my CPM machine. It bends and straightens my leg… It’s nuts. In few minutes I’m gonna go shower which is really funny to watch cause I’m trying not to get my wounds soaked. One legged man hopping around the shower is funny. That’s it for now I’ll post some pics and stories soon. Sorry for the long break with no writing I had a lot of loose ends to tie up.

Author: dave

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