leg update

saw my doctor today, he was a little bummed he didn’t get the Tom Brady referral. i thought it was cool he was on the short list of people. the good news is that i don’t have to wear a brace 24/7 anymore. you have no idea how irritating and cumbersome it is to have to wear one all day and then while you sleep. I’m ahead of the game for only being 30 days since the surgery.

I almost knocked a lady out at the Ryan Adams show i went to. i was sitting down on the aisle seat and she kicked and then tried to step over my leg. i was trying to stand up and she didn’t give me a chance. so i stood up and crushed her in to the seats in front of me and didn’t let her past. Her husband saw my leg, no reason why she couldn’t it was not very dark in there, and he said “oh sorry excuse us. so sorry” so i let her past.

It’s been a big toy month since my surgery…. Kid Robot released simpsons toys and new dunny’s. As you know im a fucking maniac for simpsons toys so i bought a few. I also bought a few dunny’s….. i need to save for ink but these little toys call out from their boxes for me to buy them. gotta focus on that goal cause once i can ride again ink won’t really be a viable option. Here is the KID ROBOT shelf before i add the newest dunny’s

my toy shelf

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