I Can Haz Foods????

One of the things i really wanted to change about my life was how i as eating. Not so much for health reasons but more so to not waste money and actually be a fucking adult. Adults go to grocery stores and make their own food, not order out or eat fast food 5 days and nights a week.

Since moving to brighton i have only had subway once and fast food once. I have been cooking dinner for myself and meg almost every night and im really proud of that. I’ve made some great fajitas last week and we were stuffed. Leftovers are my lunch everyday or when we have no leftovers like today i make myself a sandwich.

On that note here is a great review of some amazing Peanut butters. i normally buy I love peanut butter, peanut butter but this stuff from PB LOCO looks great.

Curry peanut butter, Chocolate-Chip Cookie peanut butter, and more | Update | A.V. Club

Author: dave

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