A late update while waiting for the doctor

Mmmm waiting to get my knee drained and my first cortisone shot is truely a joy. While I wait let’s get some updates outs.

Xmas was nice as always and is the only thing I do all year with my family. I got the entire fragle rock DVD set. I win.

My birthday was a little crazy because meg got together with my buddy from high school who is the head chef at the house of blues and they threw me a huge suprise party. I had no idea it was happening and everyone said I had the best “fuck you guys” face on when I realized what it was. My buddy made us an insane amount of food and it was all outstanding. 5 stars all around. I also blew everyones mind by having a sip of champain. They are easily amused. I owe Meg, my buddy John, and all my friends that showed up big time.

If all goes well I will be headed back to Woodward in march, my trick list is growing daily. Very excited about that.

That’s all I got so far. I hopfully will have before and after pictures of my knee later. Be ready to be grossed out!!!

Author: dave

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