I’ll be spinning in my grave for the rest of my life

Part of knee rehab is staying active, stretching, and working out. Since I had spent a few months limping and having trouble walking anywhere i was determined to do everything i could do to get the best of out my last surgery. Shortly after the surgery I was having trouble staying motivated and staying consistent in my work outs. I just wasn’t going out enough. One day riding was easy and care free and then the next day i couldn’t get down the block. I realized i needed to make some goals and find a better way of tracking my progress.

I researched a few apps for my iphone because it is always on me and it’s how I listen to music, unless I’m out doing tricks on my mountain bike…. I’m not gonna risk breaking my phone like I broke my face a few years back. The best app and service I found has been Run Keeper. once I fire it up, it tracks everywhere I go, my pace, my speed, and my calories burned. I started out doing short distances and working on my pace. Now I’m doing 7.6 miles in 30 minutes almost every night.

It’s really funny what you learn when you start collecting stats about your workouts. I work out better at night. When I ride during the day I just have a slower pace and my mind just isn’t into it. There is a day on my stats page where i rode at 2pm and I sucked, but then I went back out at 11 and killed it. Also I started tracking what I listen to while I ride. Again I was surprised at how much it effects everything. Every Time I Die is my music of choice, ISIS is good too. City and Colour is great when I’m on a mellow ride. Dillinger Escape Plan surprisingly enough isn’t great when I ride, I think its because of all the tempo changes.

I post my progress to facebook sometimes. At first i got laughed at by a few of my buddies for “bragging” about riding 4 miles but they understood thats not easy for someone coming off surgery. Now that my times and distances are better I don’t feel as lame posting them. It’s great for me to go back to look at the progress I have made in 2 months of riding hard. Here’s my profile on run keeper.

A great side effect of all this is weight loss. A week or so into september i decided to make a goal weight for myself and see if i could hit it. After hovering around it for a few days i finally hit it today. I have another goal set for the end of october that I think is a huge stretch but I think its worth a shot. I’m not really changing my diet beyond just eating better for lunch, no fast food, and as of this week cutting out the soda.

The other goal I have is to do the same loop with my bike in fixed gear mode. Right now I’m running single speed so i can actually stop pedaling. I’m debating if I want to do that this week or if I want to extend the loop I do. I was able to extend the loop and do 9 miles last week so I’m on the fence about how I want to improve my work outs.

Author: dave

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