“as you climb up the stairs to that coffin you call your apartment”

I drove past the old shit hole where i used to live. The life draining coffin of an apartment. I could see the TV on in the bedroom so that meant the person or persons that live there now were in bed watching tv at 10 on a saturday…

I don’t live the most exciting life but I can say that apartment made me so apathetic. I wish i had moved out long before I actually did. I’m out now and thats what matters.

The quick update:

Go see Jackass 3d, it made my face hurt from laughing so much. I’ve seen it twice, not as funny overall as Jackass 2 but I laughed harder at a few things in it.

I used my six flags pass again so it wasn’t a total waste of money. I had an fantastic time. Might go once more this weekend but I’m not 100% sure yet.

I have been to more “halloween” things this year then i have in last few years combined. spooky world, six flags haunted house and haunted woods, and possibly salem this week.

Halloween parties should be fun this year. I’m all set for the first one, costume all picked out and ready. I’m not sure about the 2nd one though…. i might shave my beard like the “rents to dam high” guy. Thats a little extreme so I’m 100% sold on it yet.

My sleeve will be started in 2 weeks. super excited about that. I have been waiting way to long for this and I can’t wait.

Author: dave

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  1. that fucking place sucked asshole dude. The landlord sucked just as much asshole too!! I was so happy when you pced from that place and went to the place you are at now cuz your new apartment is fucking great! Im so happy to hear about all the working out n shit you are doing man happy to hear about you taking care of you finally. i need to get one of those fold up bikes so i can take it on the T and we could ride again and maybe not let it rust up like my old one lol.
    i also can’t wait to see photos of your fucking halloween fun times because Gene is the fucking man!
    im so sadface to not be doing cata this year too i was watching someone stream beta and it just looks amazing!!! you will have to get xfire and start streaming for me when it comes out if your laptop can handle it

  2. thanks :)
    Gene costume will be in full effect on saturday, i’ll be sure to get some pictures. New laptop will be purchased a week after cata comes out so i will stream it for ya while i level… which will just be me hitting fan of knives over and over.

    do it, get a fold up bike and we can tear up the city.

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