Old Sad Bastard Music

I was listening to my Sunny Day Real Estate channel on Pandora the other day when an interesting thing happened. The band Cursive came on with they’re song The Great Decay, these are the first 3 lines of the song.
“this is the bed that i have made”
“this is the grave where i will lay”
“these are the hands where i will bury my face”

I posted the lines to facebook as my status update and then quickly realized it makes it seem as though i’m depressed. I’m not though, very far from it actually. It got me thinking about my love for old sad bastard music. why do i love it so? Am i just a depressive? Do I need to have some sort of negative noise in my ears at all times?? The answer to all these questions is no.

Its music with feeling, with passion, with emotion that i need. good or bad, happy or sad, it’s music from the heart that matters. Ok maybe I generally fall for the self deprecating, self loathing type of music, so what…. its not like I’m sitting around crying all day while listening to most emo of all emo music.

Speaking of which next week I’m going to go see a great group of lead singers do solo acoustic show together. Should be EMOTASTIC!!!! It will be the first show i have been to in a while, that wasn’t comedy related. I went to the Tim and Eric Chrimbus spectacular last night. Look i found Chippy!!!


Author: dave

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  1. Chippy is so clear and bright and angelic. what a fucking amazing time!! Merry Chrimbus

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