30 is the new…

Nothing….. 30 isn’t the new anything. Don’t let anyone fool you. 30 is not the new 20, 30 is not the new black. You’re not young, you’re not hip, you don’t know what’s popping on the streets. You shouldn’t want to. If your not already, 30 is the time to become cynical, to look at these young wiper snappers and scoff. Shake you fist at them in anger and resentment. Stand outside your house or apartment in a bathrobe and yell “slow down!!!” at traffic. Am i right….???? Nope I’m just lame.

I turned 30 a few weeks ago to much fan fair… ok little to no fan fare. Last year my ex threw me an amazing surprise party for my birthday, i truly thank her for it and i knew there was no fucking way i could top it this year. Instead i got a bunch a people together and we all went to Oleana in Cambridge. Besides for a few of my friends being apprehensive about the turkish food the evening went off with out a hitch. I didn’t get many gifts, which is fine, but i did receive an amazing gag gift. A leather S&M banana hammock which i clearly will wear every day and did not toss in the garbage the next day.

A few days later my lady took me to Bergamot another great restaurant in Cambridge and i was blown away by the food. i was so blown away, i got a wonderful bloody nose and had to hang out in the bathroom for a few minutes till it passed. Dam you winter and your cold air!!!

Speaking of being blown away by food, last month I finally made it to Craigie On Main. I’ve wanted to go there for a long time and holy hell was it worth the wait. My lady and I were very excited for some food craziness… What kind of craziness you ask?? How about pig’s tails?? How about some crispy veal sweetbreads?? p.s. sweetbreads = brains…… mmmmmm brains. I thought the texture of the sweetbreads would turn me off, but it wasn’t at all what i thought it would be like. maybe it’s because of the cadaver ligament in my knee but i defiantly would eat more brains….. BBBBRRRRAAAAAAAIIIIINNNNSSSSSSSS!!!!!!

Speaking of 30… I dropped 30 pounds in the last few months. Clearly the Leukemia has finally caught up with me, just kidding. It was actually a few things. During the summer and fall i was riding 7 to 9 miles a day, doing yoga, and due to the heat and my grossness i was clearly sweating profusely daily. After a month or 2 of working out i decided to quit soda and except for a few rare occasions i have kept to the no soda edict. Pretty excited to weigh basically what i weighed in high school… though i didn’t have this belly in high school so i still have a way to go. The winter is hindering my work outs but im trying to get back on track. Starting up yoga again (i must look like a huge douche doing it in front of my tv) and sunday i should be going to the rock gym for some rock climbing.


Author: dave

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