Eating some pork

Craigie on Main has quickly become my favorite place to eat in the city. A few weeks back I took my girl and my best friend out for a birthday dinner there and holy hell, was it amazing.

Bone marrow and Pig tails for appetizers were off the charts but the main course… Wow. I had some pork belly and crispy pork confit while the two ladies decided to split the pig’s head for 2. It’s not some much a pigs head but more just half a pig’s face. You pick the crispy skin and meat off and make these little tacos. I was floored at how good it was and I wasn’t weirded out by it. I was so comfortable with it I tried a piece of the eye. That I will say was weird and I’m all set with eating it again. The meat was just succulent and some of the best pork I have ever had.

I’d post a picture of the head but I’m in Florida on a little vacation at the moment.

Author: dave

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