backwards week

this is my week on backwards chronological order. by day not really by hour.

strip clubs… i love em. last night i went to one with tim and courtney, this was her first time. i made sure i told every striper at the club that courtney was a newbie. so they all molested her. excellent. i’ll leave the rest of the club experience to your imagination, but i will leave you with 3 statements from one of the strippers. to tim “you like jesus” and “your hair is soft and smells good, do you use pantine.” and to me “my kid does his hair like that.” thanks striper i want to think about jesus and your kid while your rubbing your tits in my face and i’m staring at your vagina. i got home at 130am and i was up at 5 due to a huge software upgrade here at work. i had no idea i would wake up to like 5 inches of snow, that was surprising… almost as surprising as striper discussing her child with you while she is doing a split standing on her head.

saturday- i went riding in Nh and the highlight was sliding down a ramp on my stomach. normally it’s not an issue, i eat it alot, but this ramp was made of plywood not skatelite. skatelite is used because it doesn’t clip and splinter like say plywood does. so after riding i went visit my mom in maine and i was able to ask her to help me pull splinters out of my belly… nothing to bad but still lame.

thursday/friday- i didnt sleep these 2 days. i was up for around 41 hours. during the time i rode for 3 hours at MSC skatepark, hung with chris and meredith and i worked… the rest is kind of a blur.

wednesday- i had a great lunch with courtney only to return to the office to walk into a shitstorm. long boring tech story short, my company was with out internet for a few hours and with out email for a day. thanks comcast.

monday- i went on a great/amazing date with linze. we went to the movies and to dinner. normally when we hang out we chill at her place and watch law and order and maybe get pizza. that or i fix her parents computer and teach them how to do stuff (which i don’t mind), so it was really nice to have a fun out on the town date/hang out thing.

that was my week in reverse order. hope you enjoyed it.

Author: dave

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